Woman Finds Tiny, Freezing Animal Crying Inside Trash Can

Early Tuesday morning, an employee was starting her day at the Georgia Welcome Center, just across the South Carolina border, when she noticed a garbage baglying next to a trash can.

In an effort to tidy up, she bent down to put the bag back into the bin, but stopped in her tracks when she heard a pained cry.

There, inside the trash can, shiny marble eyes belonging to a tan Chihuahua weighing no more than 6 pounds stared back at her.

The trash can where Carolina the Chihuahua was found

The staffer immediately lifted the scared animal out of the bin and brought her inside. Not sure what to do with the abandoned dog, and fearful that her supervisor would arrive any minute, the woman called a coworker who had previously volunteered with Hart County Animal Rescue for advice.

Chihuahua pulled from trash in Georgia Welcome Center

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