Mama Dog Travels 2 Miles With a Broken Leg To Get Help For Her Babies

Mothers can cross any limits for their children, be it human mothers or animal mothers. And this mama Ibizan Hound named Vera proved it. She endured the unendurable for her babies and managed to touch the hearts of millions of people.

With her skeletal- skinny body and a broken leg, Vera travelled 2 miles worth of distance to get human help for her babies. She was in no way in the state of doing that, but her love for her babies was so strong that she couldn’t be stopped.

Vera limped all the way toward and back and managed to catch the attention of Lianne Powell, who followed her all along with a local vet. She had kept her pups at the back of the safety of an abandoned car. As the two humans went on to look, they were surprised to find ten beautiful puppies lying in a basket!

The vet anticipated that Vera and her pups were dumped by hunters because they were no longer of any use for them. Her leg’s break was a clean one, and it was when the hunting season had just ended.

The family was brought to the animal clinic, and all of them were safe. Vera’s leg was appropriately treated, bandaged and also re-aligned.

The caring clinic staff brought Vera’s health and strength back soon. After they all are ready, the entire family will be put up for adoption in loving homes.


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