Staff Member At Doggy Daycare Caught On Camera Kicking Dogs

I’ve always been wary of leaving my dogs at doggy daycare or overnight boarding. For one, I hate the idea of removing them from their comfort zone. I also hate to think that they might be sad and lonely, or even scared. But sometimes it must be done so I’d like to think that they are in the best possible care in my absence. If I ever found out they were neglected or mistreated, I might be found in jail for going postal.

I’m sure most doggy daycares are excellent places. Since most are owned and operated by animal lovers, it’s likely they treat all the dogs like gold. But this… this is just unforgivable.

doggy daycare abuse

I can only imagine how upsetting it must have been for the owners of the poor pup at the Doggy Den in Sheffield, UK when they found out their dog had been kicked multiple times by a staff member. It was later reported that not only did the staff member kick the dog, but a volunteer did as well.

Absolutely shameful.

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