Severely Neglected Puppy Found With Broken Skull And Ribs, Abuser Facing Charges


Police found a (then) four-month-old puppy, later named Halsey, severely beaten at an Indianapolis home this past January.

She suffered from a broken leg, jaw, ribs and multiple skull fractures, and sadly sat like this for days, with no help or pain relief, before she was found and rescued.

She was immediately taken in by Every Dog Counts Rescue (EDCR), where she was treated for her injuries. She remained at the rescue while she recovered and heal from the inside out.

EDCR held a fundraiser where Halsey got to meet not just all of her supporters, but also had a chance to reunite with her rescuers as well. In the video below, you can see the little pup meeting with Animal Care Officer Becky Knowles and IMPD Officer Adam Perkins. She constantly wagged her tail and laid on her back for belly rubs. It’s obvious that she recognized them and is very grateful for their help.

Despite everything she had been through, she still trusted humans and loved all of the attention and affection.



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