Senior Dog With The Saddest Eyes Is Dumped At Shelter Because ‘He’s Too Old’


Imagine being told you are too old and are no longer wanted. That’s exactly what happened to a 13-year-old sweet Chihuahua mix named Chico. His owners dropped him off at the Lancaster Animal Care Center in Los Angeles, California. His age is the reason they surrendered him.

The kind people at the shelter decided to put the little guy in the medical ward where things were much quieter. They didn’t want to upset him more. However, the general public could not see the tiny pooch in this area. That is, until a special person stopped by.

Shelter photographer, Rita Earl Blackwell, came to see him. She immediately noticed that Chico had worried eyes. When she gave him attention, he perked right up. He wagged his tail and you could tell he was happy to see her.

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