Scorned Ex-Girlfriend Seeks Revenge, Starves Pup Nearly To Death

What some people will do in the name of being vindictive and hurtful is downright sickening. There are awful people on this planet who do terrible things to innocent animals. Elizabeth Lena James of South Carolina is a despicable human being who took her anger and revenge out on an innocent puppy. Now, loving dog owners are barking back.

It all started when James’ boyfriend broke up with her. He took his belongings, left her behind, but also left his 16-month-old mixed Mastiff puppy, too. The ex-girlfriend did something unthinkable: she starved Champ out of spite. That’s right, the innocent dog was starving to death, but authorities stepped in just in the nick of time.

When found, he weighed less than half of his normal weight, was covered in maggots, and all his bones were visible.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC took the sweet dog in and never gave up on him. He went from chained up and starving to the road to recovery.

He has his own Facebook page, Justice for Champ, and he recently was placed in his forever, loving home. What a happy ending for this dog who faced what no animal ever should. Thank you to all who helped in his care!

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