Rescued Dog Barks Nonstop While Out on Walk; Ends up Saving Baby’s Life


Georgie the daschund had a rough start to life. He was rescued by 63-year-old Charmaine Keevy in South Africa, where he learned what love and friendship were. One of his favourite things to do was go on his daily walks with Charmaine. One day while out walking, Georgie became obsessed with the storm drain; barking and carrying on. Charmaine thought that she heard meowing and when she got down on her knees to inspect, she realized that it was not a kitten meowing… but a baby crying!

The drain was blocked by a concrete slab, so she flagged down the first car that drove by. Inside that car was a man who would turn out to be a hero; Cornie Viljoen. Together, the pair pried out the concrete slab. Despite there being a six-foot drop, Cornie jumped down into the hole without hesitation.

Once he got down the hole, he was immediately bitten by red ants, but that didn’t deter him. He quickly realized that this was a crime scene and snapped a photo for the police. He then reached down and felt around for the baby girl down the storm drain. She had obviously been there for a while, naked and cold, with her umbilical cord still attached.

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