Paralyzed Dog Was Dumped On Street With Dilapidated Wheelchair And Bag Of Diapers

Lunita was found dumped on the streets of Salta, Argentina, with nothing but a dilapidated wheelchair and a bag of diapers. She was paralyzed, so she was unable to move on her own and was forced to lay there until someone would save her.

Whoever left her there, tied her to a rail near a dog grooming shop. But thankfully she wasn’t there long. A Good Samaritan saw her and called LUBA Salta, a rescue organization.


From there, they got her medically examined and wanted to find her a forever home, but they knew the chances of finding one quickly were slim.

That is, until a family in the United States heard about Lunita and were interested in her and her story. But it turns out the family wasn’t a perfect fit for her. They were unable to properly care for her, and a mite-infested bed led to her getting a severe staph infection.

Lunita conquered yet another obstacle and eventually went to live with another adoptive family in the U.S. But this time, the family knew exactly how to care for her. She got a clean bed and finally enjoyed a peaceful, comfortable sleep. Her new family did such an amazing job helping Lunita heal, and in no time, she was fully recovered.

Lunita’s Wish

Lunita was enjoying every second of her second chance at life with her new family and doggy sibling. She visited parks, played in the snow and even had birthday parties. She was able to get around just like any other dog, with the help from a custom-built wheelchair from Eddie’s Wheels.


Lunita turned 11 years old on June 15, 2018, and celebrated with a party and a dog-friendly cake. It’s obvious that she was so loved by her family and everyone who met her.

Sadly, less than a month after her 11thbirthday, Lunita got very sick and was admitted into the ICU at University Medical Hospital. Unfortunately, she succumbed to her illness and passed away on July 8, 2018.

“I will never forget her and how much she meant to me,” Lunita’s mom wrote on Facebook. “She changed my life forever. I loved her so much.”

Lunita touched the lives of so many people from all over the world and she will never be forgotten.

Her last years were filled with so much love, and she finally got to experience a life she deserved.

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