Overjoyed Pit Bull Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling As She Leaves Shelter To Go Home

Did you ever get so excited that you just can’t hide it? Despite her rough start in life and landing in an animal shelter, Matilda the Pit Bull puppy constantly smiled. At the Douglas County Animal Shelter, they discovered she had stomach worms, irritated skin, and wasn’t feeling too good. The whole time, she wagged her tail anyway– and always looked so happy.

Pibbles & More Animal Rescue’s coordinator, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, took notice of the happy pup and decided to get her a foster home. When the woman went to get the puppy, this is the face she made during the car ride. The rescue group posted the photo to their Facebook page and said, “She is pure, pure joy.”

It didn’t take long for Matilda’s foster parent, Kerrie Rich, to fall head over heels in love with her. Rich reports that Matilda fits in with her other foster dogs, plays with toys, and hangs out with the neighbors, too! We are so happy she found someone to take care of her!

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  1. That makes me so happy
    Glad she has some humans to call her very own… I 3 years ago let me as hollie Elizabeth Thomas// McMartin let her go save a sweet baby girl puppie from the shelter in mount messa right by kaje Isabella she come home says baby they she has a sister should i get her too so she made me go and I am really allergic to their fur. But I still love them so much. We want the next day and when we went to take her. Hey sister ran to get and gave her a big hug and she I love you there taking you not me when I see that I started to cry and I said wait we will take both of them home so we did. And they were trouble at first but we still have them all the living in the world a nd my bigger blue nose kaligirl help train then and mothered them and my ex little one which was the oldest help mother then as well now chicka and nya arectge best looking and well mannered dogs omg I miss all four of my kids wish they could see me daddy just got over night and they can once again feel my love. And feel safe my ex is gOing them threw a nasty horrible travel she is homeless and get junkie new boyfriend that got her on drugs I nasty and dirty and I mean what do I do its almost been a year since I have seen my kids please help bring them home so they can have a yard and not worry about when they will eat next it to be warm or to cold. I would give my last breath to hold them all Gain and carry them one by one like little kids that loved getting carried around like little baby’s three the house. Please I make my self so sick sometimes where I can go to work because I search the lost dogs of Joplin mo and its not fair to them to do that please give me some type of info or advice please I beg you I just want my kids I can’t have them and also when I had my first seizure bus out her self get my head so I would stop hitting my head I need them just as much that need there daddy…

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