Husky Spent 15 Yrs On A Chain, Living In Waste Until Kindness Finally Finds Him

For this innocent Husky, named Cloud, his entire life existed bound to a chain, living outside. While the breed is known for their resilience in cold weather, this is NO LIFE for a domesticated Husky that belongs inside a loving home.

Cloud had never seen the inside of his owner’s house. Not once! For 15 long years, he spent each day all alone, living in his own waste.

He never had the chance to curl up at his owner’s feet or lie in front of a warm fireplace. Instead, he was forced to live in squalor like he didn’t even matter.

Then something happened, a miracle in disguise. His owner’s house was so badly taken care of that the roof actually collapsed. It was rotted out from so much water damage. When this happened, and people arrived on the scene to investigate, they saw Cloud. The poor senior Husky living outside on a heavy chain was in clear violation of the law.

Libre’s law protects animals like Cloud. They are only allowed outside alone for 30 minutes in extreme temperatures. Since he was also chained up and living amongst waste, the SPCA was called immediately.

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