Forgotten Puppies Covered In Hundreds Of Ticks Waited So Long To Be Discovered

The wonderful Greek rescue organization, SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society), came across a pair of young pups in desperate need of help. Thelma and her sister Louise were abandoned in the outskirts of Athens.

They weren’t just young and afraid, they were also covered in hundreds of ticks! At roughly 8-weeks old, these two pups had so many ticks that the bumps blended together looking unrecognizable.

Thelma and Louise were also dehydrated and malnourished.

The volunteers from SCARS went to work immediately on getting rid of the ticks. Once both pups were medically stable, they were moved to a foster home.

And boy, did they get spoiled! They got to eat all they wanted and get all the play time they could handle. Their foster family treated them like gold.

Sadly, however, Thelma was the shy one so when Louise was adopted out to her forever home, she was in many ways, left behind. There was only one volunteer Thelma liked and that was Thalia.

So Thalia spent as much time as she could working with Thelma so she would become more confident around other people.

Thelma’s foster dad stepped in and worked with her too. He walked her with the other dogs he fostered and she became more and more social. Like anything, it was a process– but Thelma did great (and so did her foster dad!)

Soon Thelma was ready for her forever home and she found the perfect place in Germany with a wonderful family!

We are so happy for Thelma and Louise! Thank you to SCARS and all their volunteers and fosters for their continued rescue efforts. Watch the puppies’ moving story in the video below!

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