Family Dumps Dog At High-Kill Shelter So They Could Take A New Dog On Vacation


Toots is a Beagle-mix who was adopted in Hawaii about six years ago. Little did she know the fate that awaited her many years later when her family thought she wasn’t important enough for them anymore.

This story is one of the most heartless acts we’ve ever heard about. When her family wanted to take a vacation, they decided they didn’t like Toots anymore and chose to drop her off at an Animal Shelter, a shelter with a high kill rate due to a pet overpopulation crisis. Then, they adopted a new dog to take on their vacation (Please note there has not been any information offered about the new dog – whether the family already owned the puppy or just adopted it).

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  1. Why do people think dogs are disposable? Look at that sweet face. I hope someone gives you a loving home soon, pretty puppy! Heartbreaking and disgusting to do This!

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