Family Brutally Abandons Dog – The Heartbreaking Moment Unfolds On Video

A dog is man’s best friend…but that makes it our responsibility to be their best friend in return. Adopting a pet should be a respected, lifelong decision.

It’s truly heartbreaking to see people destroy that bond, so what these people did to a dog that just wanted to love them is despicable.

Source: News Flare / YouTube


A family was seen driving down the street in Thailand, but something was wrong. Their loving dog was running behind the car, confused and panicked.

It was soon apparent to Kat Jaroensuk, a motorcyclist following the truck, that the cruel people intended to abandon him.

Source: News Flare / YouTube


Kat was so shocked by the scene that she began to record the dog’s efforts to reunite with his family. He tirelessly chased after his owners, but it was all in vain. He couldn’t comprehend why they would just leave him behind.

”I didn’t know how long this poor dog had been running after the car but I could see that he was running so fast that his legs were sore,” Kat told NewsFlare.

Source: News Flare / YouTube


The woman recording the video even attempted to catch up to the truck, just in case they weren’t aware their companion was left behind. Kat claims the passenger said that “they didn’t want him” and continued to drive off.

The dog was visibly growing tired, but he never stopped running and crying – even though the truck was nowhere in sight. The only thing he wanted was to be with the family he loved so dearly.

This heartbreaking moment is a reminder that our pets are precious things, loving us unconditionally and asking for nothing in return. It’s our duty to stick by them, no matter what.

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