Emotional Lost Dog Reunion Captured On Video, Owner Can’t Stop Crying

One of the worst nightmares most dog parents can ever experience is having their dog go missing. For one family in Las Vegas, this nightmare recently came true. Their sweet doggo, Butters, dug a hole under their fence and escaped. The family also has a reason they feel the dog did this.


The family went on a trip from Las Vegas to California, leaving Butters behind. A family member was scheduled to pick the dog up later that night. While the dog was alone, he managed to dig that hole, get out, and took off. The family believes that because the dog has such bad anxiety, he took off to look for them.

When they found out the news that Butters went missing, they drove back home the following day. From putting up lost dog fliers to calling shelters and vets, they looked everywhere. Finally, two weeks later, a lost dog app alerted them of a pooch that could be Butters. At 3 AM, one of the family members went looking and driving all around to find the dog. Finally, he was discovered laying on someone’s doorstep on a dead end street.

The woman called to Butters and he hopped into her car. Now for the most amazing part of the story: The dad’s reaction to having his lost dog back home. Watch as the man runs as fast as he can, tears in his eyes, and hugs his precious pooch. We bet this is one dog who will never get out of their sight again!

Touching Reunion With Missing Dog After 12 Days

"We had just left to go out of town and my sister was supposed to pick up our dog, Butters, later on that night. Butters gets bad anxiety when we are gone and apparently, he decided to dig a hole under the fence soon after we left; (I can only assume) to try and find us. We were relatively new to the neighborhood and did not know our neighbors very well yet. Our neighbors tried to catch Butters, but he took off running. The next day, we drove back from California to our home in Las Vegas to immediately start looking for him. We put up fliers, called local vets, checked the pound daily, and drove countless hours looking for him. Finally, we got a message from one of the local lost dog apps saying that they had seen a dog who looked like ours running down the 215 freeway in Las Vegas at around 3 AM. My husband left and spent all morning looking in that area. Finally, my husband came back home and I immediately left to keep looking. Normally, we never drive down dead-end streets because we we can see down them… But, something told me to go down this specific one—and I saw Butters laying at someone's doorstep! I called Butters name and he immediately took off running towards me. Butters means the world to all of us and we never gave up! We'd still be looking if we had not found him. It was a very emotional reunion!"#LoveWhatMattersA Love What Matters Original StorySubmitted by A. Vargas

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, November 4, 2017

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