Dog Covered With Horrifying Bumps,Then Medical Team Figures Out What’s Wrong

When you own a pet, you’re forgiven for lavishing him or her with attention. After all, they’re your baby! You’ll have no problem spending top dollar to buy them the most delicious (and nutritious) food and to make sure that they receive the best medical care possible.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, people lack either the resources or the knowledge to care for their pets as well as they possibly could. And, sadly, those animals suffer the consequences. This can mean anything from being malnourished to suffering from otherwise treatable illnesses and infestations.

That’s exactly what happened with a South African dog by the name of Belle. By the time animal welfare workers got a hold of her, they noticed that she was dealing with an otherwise simple—and treatable—problem that had spiraled out of control…

It’s safe to say that the staff at Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW), a South African animal rescue organization, has seen just about everything. But when they found a poor dog named Belle who’d been completely neglected by her owner, they knew this was no ordinary case.

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