Dog Was Tied To A Tree & Left Outside To Die In Freezing Temps During Snowstorm

Suffield Animal Control in Suffield, Connecticut, is seeking justice for a dog who had been tied to a tree in Stony Brook Park and left out to die overnight through a snowstorm.

The leash had wrapped around him and was cutting off circulation to his back legs. His fur was severely matted and had icicles hanging from it when he was found.

Luckily, animal control officers found him just in time and rushed him to the animal hospital where he is now being treated.

Suffield Animal Control

While his neglect was obvious just by looking at him, they discovered just how bad it really was. Once they shaved off his matted fur, they discovered a large tumor growing on his back leg, along with all of the cuts from the leash. He also had a very bad ear infection and infected teeth that need to be extracted.

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