Dog Visits Hospital To Say Good Bye To Her Dying Owner And Everyone Is Emotional

We tend to underestimate the depth and empathy of our canine friends. In part, because they don’t communicate the way we do and in part because we don’t truly understand how intelligent they are. Here we see this beautiful boxer as he says his final goodbye to his human dad. Not only is the scene here tragic, as the patient is clearly young, but the sadness is evident.

Final goodbye

Some might question whether or not the dog actually knows what is happening. Scientific American says,

“Because of the different bacterias present in our bodies, we can actually smell different – and worse – when we’re sick.”

Final goodbye

Our dogs know more about what’s going on than we think. Their sense of smell is an unspoken language that allows us to communicate more than we might want to. In this case, this dying man’s companion is seen smelling him, translating that language and ultimately, saying his last goodbye.

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