Disabled Senior Dogs Goes Missing,Found 5 Days Later Frozen In The Snow

With freezing temperatures blowing across the U.S. this winter, reports of tragic accidents—and even deaths—have been pervasive. However, one story of a disabled dog who survived five days in icy temperatures is melting hearts all over the internet.

Buddy, a 13-year-old Goldendoodle from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has had his share of challenges. He is blind, and is also battling cancer. So when his owner, Patsy Sumpter, put him outside on a Wednesday evening and he didn’t return, she feared the worst.

“Normally he goes down in the woods and he comes back,” she told KARE-11. “And he didn’t come back. And I kept calling and calling.”

According to Sumpter, the weather in her eastern Minnesota town deteriorated as she searched for her missing pup over the next few days.

“The weather changed and it snowed that next morning and it just got worse and worse, and I just felt so helpless,” she said.

As Sumpter continued to call and look for Buddy, her neighbor, Emily Raguse, returned home from a weekend trip away. And while Raguse rarely entered the spare bedroom in the basement of her home, she tell reporters that some unknown force—what Raguse calls “divine intervention”—prompted her to go down there that Monday, January 15.

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