Click the eye that you like most and find out some secret about your personality

A personality test based on your choice from the eyes below. According to this analysis that went viral on social media, choosing one of these eyes may determine if you’re a sociopath or a social butterfly. BetterMe brings you this exam as a social experiment.

This is what you have to do: Pick an eye, any eye, don’t tell us which one you chose. Then scroll down to find your personality type. Just be relaxed and a psychological test will help you uncover your inner secrets. Hundreds of our subscribers have passed it and it really works.

And now prepare… Sit comfortably in your chair, clear your head of your thoughts, concentrate. Are you ready? No cheating! ….Go!

Credit: BetterMe Production

Credit: BetterMe Production

Eye 1

You are an extrovert who loves people.

You see only the good and believe everyone deserves to be treated lovingly. You are forever helping someone out of a jam. You never burden others with your woes.

Credit: BetterMe Production

Credit: BetterMe Production 

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