Owner Seals Dog’s Eyes And Mouth Shut With Superglue, Dumps Her On A Busy Road
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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Glory is a Terrier mix dog who
Dog Cried All Night As No One Picks Her & Shelter Shared Her Photo As A Last Resort
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The staff at High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) of New
12 Signs of Cancer In Dogs Owners Should Never Ignore
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We humans are not the only species that must contend
Man Arrested After neighbors Caught Him Dragging Dog By The Neck
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For those of us who see our dogs as family,
Dog Was Stolen During Home Burglary,Months Later She Was Found In Awful Condition
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Lynn Wainman arrived to her Hollywood home on Valentine’s Day
Lost Dog Left Heartbroken When Owner Didn’t Want Him Anymore After He Was found
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A homeless senior dog was spotted roaming outside near a
Disabled Senior Dogs Goes Missing,Found 5 Days Later Frozen In The Snow
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With freezing temperatures blowing across the U.S. this winter, reports
Dog Covered With Horrifying Bumps,Then Medical Team Figures Out What’s Wrong
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When you own a pet, you’re forgiven for lavishing him
Dog Found On The Side Of The Road With Her Eyes And Mouth Glued!
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One common and terrible thing we hear of, about glue,
Man Arrested After Dog Found With Muzzle Taped Shut
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Last week in a courtroom, victory came for a pit
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