Animal Shelter Puts Down Pitbull While In Labor And People Are Furious

Pit Bulls have often been publicized as dangerous or violent animals. Some cities, neighborhoods, even airlines have banned them, all owing to this perceived problem.

They couldn’t be more incorrect.

Pit Bulls, also known as American Staffordshire Terriers, often make the most kind and loving pets. Sadly, just like other breeds, many of them wind up at animals shelters. One lodged at the Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare facility, in Texas, has recently become an example of the negative image this breed gets.

And for one of the saddest reasons imaginable.

On May 10, the shelter euthanized the female Pit Bull while she was in labor. Not long after, shelter staff put her babies down, as well.

Source: Goodfullness

A volunteer at the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society first made the incident public.

“Need to write about something that I recently witnessed and found completely appalling and unacceptable,” she wrote. “I have found immense joy through my volunteering, and I have struggled with the potential pushback from speaking out.

“I have also sought to remedy wrongs through the proper channels. I have held on to this post, hoping that I would not have to share, but I cannot seem to get anywhere. Today, I am coming to the public for support”

Source: Goodfullness

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