October 2018
Stop Putting Dogs In Truck Beds, More Than 100,000 Dogs Die Each Year
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Pickup trucks are a popular vehicle in the United States.
Pregnant Dog Pulled From Shelter Just In Time To Save Her Babies
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When Kathryn Sinske came across Claire’s photo on Facebook, there
Pup Guards Mom’s Pregnant Stomach For 9 Months, Then Meets Baby For First Time
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  Introducing a newborn human to your pet for the
Emotional Lost Dog Reunion Captured On Video, Owner Can’t Stop Crying
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One of the worst nightmares most dog parents can ever
Emaciated Dog With Broken Leg Walks Two Miles, Seeking Help For Puppies
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  The love a mother has for her offspring knows
‘Hero’ Golden Retriever Bitten By Rattlesnake Saved Me
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PHOENIX, AZ — A Phoenix dog is being hailed as
Scorned Ex-Girlfriend Seeks Revenge, Starves Pup Nearly To Death
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What some people will do in the name of being
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  One of the most common forms of animals abuse
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