Family Dumps Their Deaf Dog At Shelter After He Was Stung By Thousands Of Bees


As if being stung by thousands of bees wasn’t already bad enough, he was abandoned at a shelter after the incident by his family.

The deaf Pit Bull, later named Stinger by rescuers, arrived at the shelter covered in life-threatening blisters all over his body. Since they couldn’t treat a dog in this bad of condition, they planned on euthanizing him.

That’s when Carri Shipaila, who runs LuvnPupz rescue in Greater Grand Rapids, MI, stepped in to help. As soon as she heard about Stinger, she got in her car and drove over an hour to pick him up from the shelter.

Sadly, his family refused to claim him, so she immediately got to work to save Stinger’s life. They treated his stings, as well as a secondary skin infection and sarcoptic mange.

‘Ugly’ Dog Found Abandoned On Notorious Beach in Puerto Rico

Dogs love going to the beach – except for one in Puerto Rico known as ‘Dead Dog Beach’. This notorious beach is where heartless people dump dogs they no longer want.

Three Weimaraner puppies were dumped at the beach. The puppies were found by a local animal rescue in Puerto Rico, The Sato Project. The Sato Project is constantly saving abused or neglected dogs from the notorious beach.

Upon closer examination, all the puppies had distemper, a potentially fatal virus that claims the lives of many puppies. Sadly, Murray’s siblings did not survive.

Murray was scheduled to be euthanized, but then he started to wag his tail. The vet decided to continue fighting for the sweet dog. The virus took all of Murray’s teeth, so his tongue hangs outside his mouth. Murray startled some people because he of his unusual bone structure, due to the virus. His unique looks are what attracted Mackenzie Gallant and her family to adopt him.

Doggy Daycare Worker Caught On Webcam Kneeing Pup In The Throat Multiple Times

When we leave our dogs at kennels and doggy daycare, we trust the employees to take great care of them as if they were their own pets. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and one pet owner had to find out the hard way.

Rachel Mundy left her dog, Ava, at Bark and Board in Brookhaven, Georgia, a doggy daycare and boarding facility. One neat feature of this daycare is that you’re able to see your dog from your phone or computer on their webcam.


When Mundy went to check on Ava on the webcam, she witnessed one of the employees back her into a wall and cruelly knee her in the throat. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mundy says the employee taunted and abused Ava nearly 20 more times in the span of an hour – the time it took her to get to the daycare from when she first saw it happen.

Mundy posted the video of the webcam footage on Facebook, saying she will do whatever she can to make sure this “pitiful excuse of a human-being is fired.”

Fortunately, the employee was immediately fired after Bark and Board co-owner Stewart Wingate saw the footage.

“No guest under our care is to receive any physical discipline,” Wingate told WSB-TV. “We just hope folks will understand one bad apple doesn’t mean that’s the whole crew. We care for the dogs as if they are our own.”

‘Pitiful’ Wet Stray Won’t Budge From Parking Lot Until Stranger Makes Kind Gesture

Valinda Cortez, an animal lover and advocate, drove to her local convenience store in Canton, North Carolina one early Sunday morning. Cortez devotes much of her time helping homeless animals and there isn’t much she hasn’t seen but this particular morning was different. She saw an animal that absolutely broke her heart.

Cortez, still wearing her pajamas, pulled into the store’s parking lot. It was then she spotted a soaking wet dog that was all alone.

“When I got out of the car, my heart sank,” Cortez tells The Dodo. “This poor baby had been out in the rain and cold for a long time. She was freezing.”

“It was apparent to me that this baby had been dumped,” she adds.

Stray Wanders Into Shelter On Her Own And Feels Safe Enough To Fall Asleep

It was just another day at the Humane Society International of India when a sick stray wandered in on her own and curled up on a couch and started napping. It was as if fate had led her to the right place. She was so comfortable and quiet, staff wouldn’t have even noticed her if it weren’t for the stench.

The workers in the office immediately got her some food and water and named her Fairy. But the dog was startled and ran away. But at the same time the next day, the stray came back. This time, the staff was prepared.

They secured the front door this time so Fairy couldn’t escape. They provided her with food and water and prepared to take her to the vet. She had severe mange and was almost completely without fur. The dog was scared, but somehow she knew this was the place that could help her out.

Couple Surrenders Dog Near The End Of His Life To Shelter Because He’s ‘Stupid’

An 18-year-old Poodle was surrendered to the shelter by his owners because he ended up with arthritis, the wife didn’t like him, and they said he was “stupid.” Figgy was so small, blind, and scared and had no idea what was going on at this point in his life.

299 Dogs Found Homes At Adoption Event, Except 1 Pit Bull No One Wanted

Life for a six-year-old Pit Bull named ‘King Zeus’ has not been easy. His past was unclear but it was evident that he suffered. His teeth were worn down and he was covered in scars.

Still, he was gentle and loving. Even hopeful that his life would take the dramatic turn he deserved and he would find a family.

While Zeus is a total love with people, he’s not great with other dogs. This was evident with a family who tried to give him a home and returned him the next day. King Zeus was returned twice to the shelter actually. He was losing hope. And so were the volunteers who adored him.

Zeus’ demeanor changed after the second time he was brought back to the shelter. He used to engage with volunteers. He used to bark happily when people passed by his kennel. But after he held out hope and was returned, he lost a part of himself. He stopped being himself. He totally stopped barking altogether. It was heartbreaking.

King Zeus was given one more chance. A nearby adoption event featured 300 animals in need of homes. His caretakers were hopeful. He’s such a good boy, surely someone would see that and he would get his happily ever after. But no, he was passed up time and time again. It didn’t help that he laid in the crate, totally removed, detached, hopeless. But who could blame him?! When all hope is lost it’s hard to hide it.

Cop Rips Off Uniform And Jumps In Deep Murky Swamp To Save Drowning Dog

The old saying may be “Curiosity killed the cat,” but cats aren’t the only curious ones who get into mischief. Cody the Boxer found himself in a sticky situation after his snooping got the best of him.

He wound up in Hidden Oaks swamp and was unable to get out on his own. He whimpered and cried but just couldn’t pull himself out.

That’s when his owner worriedly called emergency services for help. Deputy Matt Patellis of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office quickly arrived at the scene. Without thinking twice, the officer took off his uniform and jumped into the swamp in the murky chest-deep water

The swamp could have very well been filled with gators and snakes, but Officer Patellis didn’t care; he was willing to risk his life to save this poor, scared pup.

The rescue wasn’t as easy as Patellis expected it to be. He tried coaxing him over with a simple “Do you want to go for a ride?” or a “Do you want a treat?” but the nervous pup started backing away from him. Eventually, he was able to pet the Boxer and comfort him. He carried him to safety where he reunited the dog with his anxious owner.

After Cody was safe, he showered Patellis with lots of kisses and tail wags. That was his way of thanking him and showing him how grateful he was to be safe on dry land.

If it weren’t for Officer Patellis, Cody could have drowned! Thankfully, Patellis’ selflessness and quick-thinking saved the day!

Watch more of the story in the video below:

Mama Dog Travels 2 Miles With a Broken Leg To Get Help For Her Babies

Mothers can cross any limits for their children, be it human mothers or animal mothers. And this mama Ibizan Hound named Vera proved it. She endured the unendurable for her babies and managed to touch the hearts of millions of people.

With her skeletal- skinny body and a broken leg, Vera travelled 2 miles worth of distance to get human help for her babies. She was in no way in the state of doing that, but her love for her babies was so strong that she couldn’t be stopped.

Vera limped all the way toward and back and managed to catch the attention of Lianne Powell, who followed her all along with a local vet. She had kept her pups at the back of the safety of an abandoned car. As the two humans went on to look, they were surprised to find ten beautiful puppies lying in a basket!

The vet anticipated that Vera and her pups were dumped by hunters because they were no longer of any use for them. Her leg’s break was a clean one, and it was when the hunting season had just ended.

The family was brought to the animal clinic, and all of them were safe. Vera’s leg was appropriately treated, bandaged and also re-aligned.

The caring clinic staff brought Vera’s health and strength back soon. After they all are ready, the entire family will be put up for adoption in loving homes.


15-Year-Old Dog Cries When Her Family Leaves Her Behind To Bring Home A Younger Dog

Abandoning a pet is devastating to the innocent creature who loves you with all their heart. According to pet statistics released by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 6.5 million pets are brought into shelter homes each year in the USA. Out of these, only 3.2 million shelter animals get adopted, and 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized – every single year. The statistics are devastating.

But that doesn’t seem to stop people from abandoning their pets. Like the family that owned Cookie, a 15-year-old Cocker Spaniel and her best friend, a 1-year-old Lab. The two dogs were rescued from the streets of San Bernardino after being left to fend for themselves by their family.

The shelter staff who rescued the dogs managed to track down the dogs’ family. However, when the family arrived, everyone was in for a surprise. The family chose to only take back the young Lab and left poor Cookie behind. Watching in shock as her family took her best friend home and leave her behind, Cookie began to cry and whimper for them to come back. It was devastating!

The staff was worried about Cookie and her mental and physical health after being abandoned like that, but then a silver lining appeared. Cookie’s story began to spread and many animal lovers reached out to help. Among them was a rescue group who found a permanent foster home for Cookie where she now lives in peace and happiness!

No pet deserves to be left behind. No matter what! Remember, a pet is forever!

Watch Cookie’s story in the video below