Teen Thought His Dog Had Rabies, Shot Her In Face Because He Had ‘No Time For Vet’

An 18-year-old teen from Missouri, named Harley Mobley, shot his Pit Bull, Zara, in the face with a shotgun simply because he “didn’t have time to go to the vet,” according to a probable cause statement from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.

Mobley drove his innocent pup down a long gravel road, where he pulled the trigger of the gun he borrowed from his friend, with the intent of killing Zara. But his plan backfired when Zara miraculously survived.

Lying in the gravel, not moving, Zara was on the brink of death, but first responders immediately arrived at the scene to help save her life.

Unleashed Pet Rescue, an animal rescue group from Kansas, took the pup in and renamed her Gloria. But while Gloria was now safe, she still had a long road ahead and was in an immense amount of pain.

An x-ray showed the pellets that dispersed through her whole face, including a big hole that you could see her teeth through. In addition, she also suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the stomach.

21 Dog Photos That Are Better Than Any Antidepressants

If you were looking for something to help you with sadness or a bad mood, this compilation is exactly what you need. Even the most depressed person can’t resist the charm of puppies and we’re sure that you’ll smile when you see the eyes of 2 dogs looking at a ball in their owner’s hands.

iLoveDogs.me knows that everyone needs a little pick-me-up every now and then and animals are a great source for a good mood.


1. “She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again.”

2. Husky Parkour


3. “My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day.”

Dog Left in Backyard to Die Rescued Just In Time

Smokey’s story is about a dog that was left in a backyard to slowly die from starvation and one woman who showed true heroism by dropping everything to save him.

Darlene was getting a manicure from her usual nail technician – a woman she liked and had been visiting for years. The woman told her about her son’s unwanted puppy, a dog he refused to provide food, water and shelter. Darlene assumed the technician was feeding the dog when in fact Smokey was slowly being starved to death. The manicurist finally confessed that she wanted to “put the dog down” but didn’t want to pay the $200 fee to do so. Darlene, an animal lover not an animal rescuer, requested a photo of the Smokey.

299 Dogs Found Homes At Adoption Event, Except 1 Pit Bull No One Wanted

Life for a six-year-old Pit Bull named ‘King Zeus’ has not been easy. His past was unclear but it was evident that he suffered. His teeth were worn down and he was covered in scars.

Still, he was gentle and loving. Even hopeful that his life would take the dramatic turn he deserved and he would find a family.

While Zeus is a total love with people, he’s not great with other dogs. This was evident with a family who tried to give him a home and returned him the next day. King Zeus was returned twice to the shelter actually. He was losing hope. And so were the volunteers who adored him.

Zeus’ demeanor changed after the second time he was brought back to the shelter. He used to engage with volunteers. He used to bark happily when people passed by his kennel. But after he held out hope and was returned, he lost a part of himself. He stopped being himself. He totally stopped barking altogether. It was heartbreaking.

King Zeus was given one more chance. A nearby adoption event featured 300 animals in need of homes. His caretakers were hopeful. He’s such a good boy, surely someone would see that and he would get his happily ever after. But no, he was passed up time and time again. It didn’t help that he laid in the crate, totally removed, detached, hopeless. But who could blame him?! When all hope is lost it’s hard to hide it.

Pit Bull Rescued From Dogfighting Finds Love And Comfort In A Giant Bunny

Mindy Hayes had to be careful bringing a rabbit into her Erie, Pennsylvania, home with her dogs, so she introduced them slowly. But it quickly became apparent that it wouldn’t be a problem for her two-year-old rescue pit bull named Grace.

Mindy Hayes

It was an instant bond and connection for Grace and Sophie the rabbit. Anywhere one would go, the other wouldn’t be far behind. They were inseparable. The dog even started grooming the bunny and snuggling on the couch with her every day!

Mindy Hayes

Although Sophie is pretty big, she’s only 11 months old and still has some growing left to do. Adult Flemish giant rabbits can weigh as much as 15 to 20 pounds! When she stretches out and lies beside Grace, they don’t look all that different in size.

Mindy Hayes

This unique friendship is pretty natural in their household at this point, but people on the outside are always shocked to find out the two are such good friends. Especially since Grace is a pit bull who came from a background of dogfighting.

Mindy Hayes

“Grace had a very rough start to life,” Mindy told The Dodo. “Before she was rescued she had been used for fighting and then was tied up to a tree, left to fend for herself. Knowing where she came from and to see her be so loving to everyone, especially to a rabbit, is really spreading awareness to who these dogs really are. They are not bad dogs. She wants to be friends with everyone she meets.”

Mindy Hayes

Mindy and her husband feel very fortunate having this special relationship in their lives. It’s something that brings smiles to their faces every day and reminds them that love is not bound by species.