Thousands Of Dogs Need Homes After Florida Bans Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing in the state of Florida will come to a complete halt by the year 2021. The voters of Florida cast the decision, and the state voted recently to ban the sport on January 2, 2021. Many are thrilled for ban, while others are not pleased.

In the past 30 years, 50 Greyhound race tracks have closed, less people attend the events, and there have been many accusations over the years that the dogs have been poorly treated.

Doggy Daycare Worker Caught On Webcam Kneeing Pup In The Throat Multiple Times

When we leave our dogs at kennels and doggy daycare, we trust the employees to take great care of them as if they were their own pets. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and one pet owner had to find out the hard way.

Rachel Mundy left her dog, Ava, at Bark and Board in Brookhaven, Georgia, a doggy daycare and boarding facility. One neat feature of this daycare is that you’re able to see your dog from your phone or computer on their webcam.


When Mundy went to check on Ava on the webcam, she witnessed one of the employees back her into a wall and cruelly knee her in the throat. If that wasn’t bad enough, Mundy says the employee taunted and abused Ava nearly 20 more times in the span of an hour – the time it took her to get to the daycare from when she first saw it happen.

Mundy posted the video of the webcam footage on Facebook, saying she will do whatever she can to make sure this “pitiful excuse of a human-being is fired.”

Fortunately, the employee was immediately fired after Bark and Board co-owner Stewart Wingate saw the footage.

“No guest under our care is to receive any physical discipline,” Wingate told WSB-TV. “We just hope folks will understand one bad apple doesn’t mean that’s the whole crew. We care for the dogs as if they are our own.”

‘Pitiful’ Wet Stray Won’t Budge From Parking Lot Until Stranger Makes Kind Gesture

Valinda Cortez, an animal lover and advocate, drove to her local convenience store in Canton, North Carolina one early Sunday morning. Cortez devotes much of her time helping homeless animals and there isn’t much she hasn’t seen but this particular morning was different. She saw an animal that absolutely broke her heart.

Cortez, still wearing her pajamas, pulled into the store’s parking lot. It was then she spotted a soaking wet dog that was all alone.

“When I got out of the car, my heart sank,” Cortez tells The Dodo. “This poor baby had been out in the rain and cold for a long time. She was freezing.”

“It was apparent to me that this baby had been dumped,” she adds.

21 Dog Photos That Are Better Than Any Antidepressants

If you were looking for something to help you with sadness or a bad mood, this compilation is exactly what you need. Even the most depressed person can’t resist the charm of puppies and we’re sure that you’ll smile when you see the eyes of 2 dogs looking at a ball in their owner’s hands. knows that everyone needs a little pick-me-up every now and then and animals are a great source for a good mood.


1. “She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again.”

2. Husky Parkour


3. “My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day.”

Stray Wanders Into Shelter On Her Own And Feels Safe Enough To Fall Asleep

It was just another day at the Humane Society International of India when a sick stray wandered in on her own and curled up on a couch and started napping. It was as if fate had led her to the right place. She was so comfortable and quiet, staff wouldn’t have even noticed her if it weren’t for the stench.

The workers in the office immediately got her some food and water and named her Fairy. But the dog was startled and ran away. But at the same time the next day, the stray came back. This time, the staff was prepared.

They secured the front door this time so Fairy couldn’t escape. They provided her with food and water and prepared to take her to the vet. She had severe mange and was almost completely without fur. The dog was scared, but somehow she knew this was the place that could help her out.

Couple Surrenders Dog Near The End Of His Life To Shelter Because He’s ‘Stupid’

An 18-year-old Poodle was surrendered to the shelter by his owners because he ended up with arthritis, the wife didn’t like him, and they said he was “stupid.” Figgy was so small, blind, and scared and had no idea what was going on at this point in his life.

Dog Left in Backyard to Die Rescued Just In Time

Smokey’s story is about a dog that was left in a backyard to slowly die from starvation and one woman who showed true heroism by dropping everything to save him.

Darlene was getting a manicure from her usual nail technician – a woman she liked and had been visiting for years. The woman told her about her son’s unwanted puppy, a dog he refused to provide food, water and shelter. Darlene assumed the technician was feeding the dog when in fact Smokey was slowly being starved to death. The manicurist finally confessed that she wanted to “put the dog down” but didn’t want to pay the $200 fee to do so. Darlene, an animal lover not an animal rescuer, requested a photo of the Smokey.

Police Dog Shot And Killed In Line Of Duty, Community Mourns The Canine Hero

Police K9 officers are trained to be brave and to put their lives on the line in the name of duty. Sadly, K9 officer, Axe, of the St. Clair Shores Police Department in Michigan, sacrificed his own life at the hands of a gunman.

The Lakeland Manor Banquet Hall was the scene of a gunman, who was located outside the hall. Inside, 70 people came together to attend a baby shower. Someone placed a call to alert the authorities.

As they arrived on the scene, police saw who they believed to be the suspect. K9 officer Axe was released on the man. The suspect fired at the dog, and officers returned fire, hitting the perpetrator. Sadly, the dog was pronounced dead by a veterinarian. The suspect later died at a local hospital from gunshot wounds.

The loyal canine cop gave his all, starting with the department at four years of age. A nearby resident heard the sounds, thinking it might be fireworks. At this point, the case is being investigated further. The deceased man was identified as  29-year-old Theoddeus Gray of Detroit.

299 Dogs Found Homes At Adoption Event, Except 1 Pit Bull No One Wanted

Life for a six-year-old Pit Bull named ‘King Zeus’ has not been easy. His past was unclear but it was evident that he suffered. His teeth were worn down and he was covered in scars.

Still, he was gentle and loving. Even hopeful that his life would take the dramatic turn he deserved and he would find a family.

While Zeus is a total love with people, he’s not great with other dogs. This was evident with a family who tried to give him a home and returned him the next day. King Zeus was returned twice to the shelter actually. He was losing hope. And so were the volunteers who adored him.

Zeus’ demeanor changed after the second time he was brought back to the shelter. He used to engage with volunteers. He used to bark happily when people passed by his kennel. But after he held out hope and was returned, he lost a part of himself. He stopped being himself. He totally stopped barking altogether. It was heartbreaking.

King Zeus was given one more chance. A nearby adoption event featured 300 animals in need of homes. His caretakers were hopeful. He’s such a good boy, surely someone would see that and he would get his happily ever after. But no, he was passed up time and time again. It didn’t help that he laid in the crate, totally removed, detached, hopeless. But who could blame him?! When all hope is lost it’s hard to hide it.

Cop Rips Off Uniform And Jumps In Deep Murky Swamp To Save Drowning Dog

The old saying may be “Curiosity killed the cat,” but cats aren’t the only curious ones who get into mischief. Cody the Boxer found himself in a sticky situation after his snooping got the best of him.

He wound up in Hidden Oaks swamp and was unable to get out on his own. He whimpered and cried but just couldn’t pull himself out.

That’s when his owner worriedly called emergency services for help. Deputy Matt Patellis of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office quickly arrived at the scene. Without thinking twice, the officer took off his uniform and jumped into the swamp in the murky chest-deep water

The swamp could have very well been filled with gators and snakes, but Officer Patellis didn’t care; he was willing to risk his life to save this poor, scared pup.

The rescue wasn’t as easy as Patellis expected it to be. He tried coaxing him over with a simple “Do you want to go for a ride?” or a “Do you want a treat?” but the nervous pup started backing away from him. Eventually, he was able to pet the Boxer and comfort him. He carried him to safety where he reunited the dog with his anxious owner.

After Cody was safe, he showered Patellis with lots of kisses and tail wags. That was his way of thanking him and showing him how grateful he was to be safe on dry land.

If it weren’t for Officer Patellis, Cody could have drowned! Thankfully, Patellis’ selflessness and quick-thinking saved the day!

Watch more of the story in the video below: