Family Dumps Loyal Dog At Shelter Because They Are Having A Baby

Dogs look at their family as their pack and would never abandon them. People need to look at dogs as members of the family and not as disposable objects when life changes. A loving 3-year-old German Shepherd was dumped by his family because they found out they were having a baby.

The young dog named Rocco was hunched over and shaking like a leaf in the back of a kennel at Dallas Animal Services. His family abandoned him there and he did not know why. His sad eyes looked up asking ‘why am I here?’ to anyone who walked by. A shelter can be very stressful with all the unfamiliar smells, noises, and people.

Husky Spent 15 Yrs On A Chain, Living In Waste Until Kindness Finally Finds Him

For this innocent Husky, named Cloud, his entire life existed bound to a chain, living outside. While the breed is known for their resilience in cold weather, this is NO LIFE for a domesticated Husky that belongs inside a loving home.

Cloud had never seen the inside of his owner’s house. Not once! For 15 long years, he spent each day all alone, living in his own waste.

He never had the chance to curl up at his owner’s feet or lie in front of a warm fireplace. Instead, he was forced to live in squalor like he didn’t even matter.

Then something happened, a miracle in disguise. His owner’s house was so badly taken care of that the roof actually collapsed. It was rotted out from so much water damage. When this happened, and people arrived on the scene to investigate, they saw Cloud. The poor senior Husky living outside on a heavy chain was in clear violation of the law.

Libre’s law protects animals like Cloud. They are only allowed outside alone for 30 minutes in extreme temperatures. Since he was also chained up and living amongst waste, the SPCA was called immediately.

Cruel Man Threw Dog Out Of Car, Then Dog Chased After Him Until His Legs Gave Out

Being late is a terrible feeling, especially if it’s to work. Whether you woke up late or you’re stuck in traffic, the whole way there you can’t help but think of what the repurcussions will be.

Dion Cole was running late for work, and not only did it change his life, but it changed one dog’s life. As he was driving, he witnessed a truck pull over, toss a dog out of it, and drive off without him. He was shocked at what he just saw and told his wife about it.

His wife, Danielle, wrote about the incident in a Facebook post that quickly went viral. She described their experience in trying to help the dog, and wrote a heartbreaking note to the monster who did this to him.

In the post, she explained how the man threw his dog out in the Allegan forest in Michigan at about 3:30pm. The dog chased after him and ran as fast as he could until his legs gave out, causing him to collapse on the side of the road. Cole stopped to help the pup, but he was so terrified that he ran off into the woods.

Man arrested for leaving 21 dogs outside in freezing cold on Long Island

A man on Long Island is under arrest for leaving more than 20 dogs outside in freezing temperatures.

Police said 51-year-old Jose Borgos was arrested after a Suffolk County police officer found 21 Rottweilers in his backyard in Rocky Point.

She discovered the dogs around 10 p.m. Thursday after she heard several of them barking. At least 9 of the dogs were found inside travel crates in a shed. The dogs are now with the Town of Brookhaven Animal Control, which will determine their placement.

Borgos, who indicated he is a breeder, faces 21 animal abuse charges.

New York State law prohibits dogs from being tethered when the temperature is below 32 degrees.

Dog Waited 9 Years In Shelter For Home

This dog, named Beauty, was found abandoned as a puppy in Mani, Greece. After she was found, she was taken in by a local charity, and sadly spent the first nine years of her life in a shelter.

Beauty, along with 150 other dogs at that shelter, waited every day for a family to adopt them. Every time someone would walk by her cage she would wag her tail in anticipation and hope. But that day never came for Beauty.

The Orphan Pet

To make matters worse, Beauty got sick with leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease, this past summer. They couldn’t let her live in the shelter while she was sick, so she was brought to Athens to live in a foster home, where she would finally receive proper care.

The Orphan Pet

Rescuers Couldn’t Imagine Stray Who Could Hardly Eat Would End Up So Beautiful

Hope For Paws responded to a call about a homeless Poodle in a desert town located two hours east of Los Angeles. The dog had ingested acid which resulted in terrible chemical burns in her mouth, and she could hardly eat the little bit of food she found here and there. When rescuers arrived on the scene, it was worse than they thought.

They quickly worked to place the Lucky Leash on Alice to get her back to the Hope For Paws vehicle. The poor thing needed urgent medical care after years of neglect, and abuse left her in horrible shape.

Not only did she suffer from the chemical burns, she had corneal ulcers, anemia, a heart murmur, and would require an invasive dental surgery. Alice had to spend a week at the hospital under close supervision.

Three Senior Dogs Have Been Together Their Whole Lives But Now They Need A New Home


Giving your dog up for adoption is one of the most painful things you can do. But as the owners of these dogs were getting older, they were finding it more difficult to take care of themselves and their three senior dogs. So they decided the best thing to do was to surrender the dogs to a shelter who could help find a new home for them.

Meet Winnie, Lucy, and Mitzy – three sweet Terrier sisters aged 11, 10 and 9 years old. They’ve been together their whole life. Now, in the later stages of their lives, they find themselves at the RSPCA in Martlesham, England, waiting for someone to adopt them and find them a new home.

Scared Shelter Dog Was Constantly Ignored — Until This Happened…


The story of Noodles the shelter dog started off as a sad one. The abused Beagle was scared of everyone and was constantly ignored by all. She’d just sit in the corner and never look anyone directly in the eye. Noodles sat there as if she wanted to die. Until one particular man showed up and decided to take a chance on her.

The depressed dog caught his eye, and he just had to try and help. He took her home and introduced her to another dog he’d rescued named Weezie. The two dogs hit it off right away and bonded as if they knew they had something in common.

Man Tried To Bury His Dog Alive Because He “Didn’t Want Her Anymore”

Pedro Dinis was walking his dog near Paris, France, when he came across an awful sight: A French Mastiff who was halfway buried alive in the dirt.

The poor dog was extremely dehydrated, and her eyes were caked with dust from the dirt. She had a leash on that was attached to a sack of gravel to prevent her from breaking free if she got out.

Luckily, Dinis got there just in time and worked quickly to free her from the dirt. Dinis’ dog even helped with the rescue by digging a hole in the dirt around the trapped pup.

Once she was free, Dinis gave her water and alerted police. Paris has strict anti-abuse laws regarding animals, so an investigation was underway immediately to find the cruel person who did this.

Eventually, police were able to track down her owner, who was then charged with animal cruelty and faces up to two years in prison.

Someone Left A Dog Tied In The Woods With Empty Bowls And A Crate For Survival


A three-year-old German Shepherd cried out for help for days hoping someone would hear her, and someone finally took notice. The dog was tied in the woods and left with nothing other than some empty bowls and a crate for survival. She’d hoped her owner would return, but that wasn’t going to happen.

But when a nearby resident heard the dog barking, she reported it to animal control. Alex Kelly, an animal control officer with New Jersey’s Irvington Township, responded to the call and asked how long the dog had been there. The woman said, “I’m going to be honest with you, the dog’s been back there at least three days,” according to The Dodo.