Stray Pup Covered In Thousands Of Ticks And Wire Embedded In Her Tail Shows Her True Strength

This dog, later named Blossom, was found by a volunteer from OrphanPet in Greece. She was a stray and had been wandering the streets for weeks and maybe even months. The poor pup was in heart-breaking shape.

She had a chain wire embedded in her tail, which had been there for a while. Because the chain was so tightly wrapped around her tail, her tail became extremely swollen.

The Orphan Pet

Pit Bull Used As Bait Badly Disfigured, Rescuers Use Bonnets To Cover Her Scars

Abigail, a sweet Pit Bull mix, had an incredibly abusive start to her life. She had been used as a bait dog and had been so disfigured that it was painful to even look at her. She even had her right ear torn right off.

Facebook/Bonnets For Abigail

Even after facing such abuse and trauma, Abigail never lost her capacity to love. And she found love for the first time when Victoria Frazier of Love is Fur Ever, a Ft. Meyers-based dog rescue, spotted her picture at a Miami dog shelter.

NFL Player Walks Into Shelter And Asks For The Least Adoptable Dog, Here’s Who Came Home With Him

Once in awhile, real-life Cinderella stories do happen, even for dogs! And now a six-year-old Pit Bull, who had a miserable start to her life, is living like a princess. Who is the prince who came to her rescue? Most likely you have seen him on TV!

The story begins in Baltimore. That’s where rescuers discovered the dog abandoned in a vacant property on a boiling hot day. The building had no electricity or open windows. The poor pooch was so overheated that she was severely dehydrated, clinging to life. Her stomach showed signs of being overbred and long ago lost its elasticity.

Rescuers named the dog, who was scared to death, “Winter.” After she was nursed back to health she was put up for adoption at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS). Sadly, she wasn’t attracting much interest. She was middle-aged, she was part Pit Bull and her tummy wasn’t the most attractive, but of course, none of this was her fault.

Then one day, Winter’s life suddenly changed, a real-life Prince Charming (and his entourage) walked in the doors of the shelter. BARCS told the story on its Facebook page. NFL sports star, Ronnie Stanley, his girlfriend, and his Baltimore Ravens teammate, Alexander Lewis, went to the front desk and Stanley said, “We are looking for a dog that’s been here a long time and maybe not-so-adoptable.”

When the staff heard his request they were probably like, “Huh? What? Really? We are thrilled to oblige. Sure, we’ve got lots of not so adoptable dogs! Where do we begin?”

On its Facebook page, the shelter said, “Our BARCS staff showed Ronnie and his girlfriend a few pets that fit his (seriously awesome) criteria. Winter was the lucky dog that caught Ronnie’s eye.”

He Laid Dying, Stuck On Side Of Road – But Soon His Past Would No Longer Haunt Him

Alex was ready to give up. He was severely emaciated, dehydrated, exhausted, and had wounds on his body filled with maggots. He was dying.

And the worst part was he was stuck in a remote location on the side of a road, with no way of being able to escape on his own. He was wearing a collar with a long chain, which is how he got stuck. To make matters worse, he couldn’t be seen from the road. The odds of him being rescued in time were slim to none.

But little did he know, his life was about to get so much better and his past would no longer haunt him.

Man Arrested After Choking Neighbor’s Husky & Slamming Her To Ground During Walk

A man in Hialeah, Florida, was arrested after he was seen abusing his neighbor’s Husky while providing obedience training.

The man, later identified as Victor Suero, was walking the dog, named Winter, along with his own dog, Han, when all of a sudden he grabbed Winter by the collar, swung her around in the area and choked her, according to Detective Jose Torres.

Fox 13 News

Video Surfaces Showing Mailman Routinely Pepper-Spraying Tiny Dog From The Gate

Alfonso Galindo, a South Californian man, was puzzled by the strange behavior of his 7-year-old Poodle mix, Pupa, for the past few months. He noticed that every time the postal carrier passes by, Pupa would convulse in pain on the ground.

The Sacramento Bee

One day, Alfonso noticed stains on Pupa’s fur and the patio, as she withered away in pain. He decided to do a frame by frame examination of the surveillance footage, where he found at least 11 instances of the mailman pepper-spraying Pupa in the past few months.

Rescued Skeletal Dog Was Starved For Months, Collapses As She Tries To Stand

When a severely emaciated dog named Angel was brought to ‘Rescue from the hart’, she looked like she had walked straight out of a nightmare. She was not only skeletal and malnourished, but also facing a multiple organ shutdown.

YouTube/Rescue From The Hart

Dog On Chains His Whole Life Sees Ocean With Reaction That Goes Viral

Herschel, a German Shepherd, did not have a promising start in life. He was chained to a pole for 5 years and was neglected by his uncaring owners. Eventually, he was abandoned and left to die.

YouTube/Rocky Kanaka

Pack Of Dogs Won’t Leave Blanket, Man Walking By Hears Crying

Dogs are great at alerting us to trouble, sometimes pointing out things we would never have noticed on our own. You can say that’s the case with a couple of dogs making sure that Ulnas Chowdry, a man out for a walk, doesn’t miss their special find.

Hiker Finds Dying Dog With Bullet Wounds, Carries Him For An Hour To Find Help

A woman named Andi Davis was on one of her hiking trips, alongside the isolated stony mountains in Phoenix, Arizona, when she found a 2-year-old Pit Bull lying half-dead on a rock. She was shocked to see he had many bullet wounds, and was bleeding profusely.

YouTube/GeoBeats News

Andi gave him some water, but she knew he was barely holding on to life. So, she took him in her arms, and made a race down the mountains. For a full hour, she frantically carried the 47-pound dog, praying that he holds on to life.