Mistreated Shelter Dog Falls Asleep In Rescuer’s Arms The Moment She Knows She’s Safe

Bella had spent almost her entire life in a concrete kennel at a public shelter. She was never taken out for a walk and was never shown any love or attention.

Luckily, rescuers from Howl Of A Dog were able to get her out of that miserable shelter and get her the medical attention she so desperately needed.

Despite what Bella had gone through, she was still very trusting and friendly to people. On the way to the veterinary clinic, she fell asleep in her rescuer’s arms. In that moment, she knew she was literally in good hands and finally felt safe for the first time.

Once they arrived to the clinic, she was given a much-needed bath and treated for her fleas. She was prescribed supplements to help her spleen and liver and was given plenty of food to help get her weight back up to where it should be.

Bella has since gained weight and is a very happy and playful pup. She has received proper vaccinations and all of her fleas are now gone. She has a beautiful, clean coat and looks so much healthier.

Once Bella is fully recovered, she will be put up for adoption. It doesn’t seem like it will take long for her to find a loving forever home since she is such a great dog!

Bella may have spent her life up until now stuck in an awful shelter, but the rest of her life will be filled with love and happiness and everything she deserves!

Zoey Hears Her Favorite Song And Starts Dancing In True Boxer Fashion

Zoey the Boxer has a favorite song. And every time she hears it, she just can’t help herself! No, she doesn’t sing along; she dances and wiggles her little butt in a way that only a Boxer is capable of! 😀

As soon as she hears the opening of “Wiggle,” she starts moving her butt back and forth as she’s sitting there. But she really turns it up a notch when the chorus hits…

Right on cue, the Boxer stands up, turns around for the camera, and wiggles that Boxer butt! It’s too cute and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Just wait until you see it! 😀


Heartless Family Says Senior Dog Is Too Old For Them, Dumps Her Off At A Shelter

Some people don’t understand that a pet is for life. In a case of utter heartlessness, a Poodle named Puppy was dropped off at a shelter by her family, who claimed she was too old for them to keep.

Puppy, a 13-year-old white Poodle-Miniature mix, ended up at the Friends of West Valley Animal Shelter in Chatsworth, California. The staff found Puppy to be sweet and adorable, and couldn’t believe how someone could just give up their lifelong pet saying she was too old.

The staff noticed Puppy had not been taken care for a while. She was dirty and itchy. But all it took was a bath to make her feel amazing again!

Her ‘family’ couldn’t do even one simple thing for her – give her a bath. Such inhumane treatment breaks our hearts.

After her bath, Puppy looked fabulous and fluffy again. The shelter put her up for adoption and she was soon adopted into a new, loving home. We’re glad she’s away from her uncaring old family, and now lives with a family who actually loves and cares for her!

Dog Stuck In Shelter For 2 Years Smells Her Old Life When A Man Walks In

One of the worst nightmares imaginable to dog parents is their dog going missing. That’s exactly what happened when Pakita the dog escaped from her yard. Her devastated doggy dad, Ariel, looked everywhere in Argentina he could for his sweet doggo. She was nowhere to be found.

Where Pakita actually ended up is an animal shelter called Arca Animal. There, she was so sad and depressed. It was clear she missed her family, but she had no way of being reunited. She was just another stray dog.

At the shelter, poor Pakita was passed over by potential adopters time and again for over two years. She had a grey muzzle and appeared so sad that no one wanted her. No one, except her devastated family left behind.

The folks at the animal shelter decided to put some photos up on social media. Although Pakita was not happy to have her photo taken, they managed to get a few shots.

Valeria Nieves, the mother of Pakita’s doggy dad, saw the photo and knew it was the missing pooch. She contacted the shelter, and a very tearful reunion took place.

The dog didn’t recognize Ariel at first, but dogs never forget the scent of something. You can witness the exact moment she “smelled” her doggy dad and the joyful reunion took place. Watch below, as you share in the excitement. These two will never be apart again!

Family Promised To Pick Up Their Lost Dog At Shelter — But Never Came

In May 2016, animal control officers picked up a 6-year-old pit bull mix named Lindsy as a stray and took her to the Babylon Animal Shelter in New York. A few weeks later, a child called the shelter — she explained that Lindsy belonged to her and her family, and that she’d recently gone missing.

“The child said she would have to ask her father if they could get her,” Kristin Siarkowicz, an animal control officer at Babylon Animal Shelter, told The Dodo.

Pit bull mix inside shelter

Sadly, the family never showed up, and the child didn’t call back. Lindsy had been abandoned.

Pit bull waiting for home


“She is sweet, kind and laid-back,” Lyndsey Grosjean, a volunteer at Babylon Animal Shelter, told The Dodo. “She loves to play fetch and rip apart toys. She loves walks and treats and just being with her people.”

But for some reason, no one has been interested in giving Lindsy a new home — and she’s been at the shelter for over two years.

Pit bull lying in shelter kennel

Lindsy is now a senior, at 8 years old, and Grosjean believes that her age, as well as her size, may be deterring people from adopting her.

“She is not a cute little puppy,” Grosjean said. “The older, larger ones just don’t get the attention they deserve from the public. Plus, now that she’s been there for so long, people think there is something wrong with her, when there is not. The long-timers get a stigma about them.”

Pit bull mix smiling

Living at a shelter for a long time isn’t ideal for any dog, but Lindsy always seems to be in high spirits.

“She has done very well,” Grosjean said. “She does not seem to be stressed, she has a lot of people who care about her and take care of her. But that’s probably half the reason she is still there — she blends in, she has great kennel behavior and just seems happy. It’s actually sad though.”

Pit bull mix standing on bench

“Lindsy never has bad days,” Siarkowicz said. “She is always tail wagging and ready for attention.”

What Lindsy truly needs is a forever home with a family who loves her. If she does manage to find that, Grosjean said she’ll “cry with happy tears.”

Smiling pit bull


Pit Bull Found Padlocked To A Tree So Tightly He Was Unable To Move An Inch

Kerry Haney of Don’t Bully Us Rescue was sitting at home one night relaxing when she started receiving lots of calls and texts about a Pit Bull found in the most horrific situation.

The dog was found in the owner’s yard tied to a tree so tightly he was unable to move his head. He had no food or water but wouldn’t have been able to reach it even if he did. The volunteer rescuer arrived to the address still in her pajamas to try to talk it over with the owner.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

But when she got there, she saw no dog. She then contacted the police who said they were aware of the situation and doing everything possible to ensure the dog’s safety. All Kerry could do now was sit and wait a few days while the police did what they had to do to remove the dog from the property.

Later that week, Max was finally pulled from his neglectful and abusive situation. He was placed with the Gloucester County Animal Shelter where he’d be cared for until the court hearing. His owner would be found guilty and fined, and then Max was officially surrendered to the shelter.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

Don’t Bully Us Rescue wanted to take Max in immediately, but the shelter seemed to want to keep him. But when Max tested positive for heart worm and failed some basic behavioral tests, the shelter reached out to them and asked if they would get him some more personalized care. Kerry was thrilled!

Don’t Bully Us Rescue

Dog Finds Her Twin On The Street, Begs Mom To Bring Him Home

A woman was out walking her dog, just like any other day, when something extraordinary happened. She saw a pooch at an adoption event that looked just like her very own dog, Rogue. As they got closer, she could not believe it: this sweet adoptable mutt was named Beast and resembled her own pup. What makes this story even more interesting, is that Rogue took a genuine interest in Beast! Could they be twins?

Source: Instagram/Rogue and Beast

Bethany was not really wanting to add another dog to the family, even though her boyfriend had been wanting a second dog for a long time. Deep in her heart, she knew there was no way she could leave this adorable ‘twin’ behind.

Source: Instagram/Rogue and Beast

In an interview with Bored Panda, Bethany said, “What made me want to rescue Beast over the other dogs was that he looked just like Rogue. They’re both Cairn Terrier mixes, Rogue’s mom was a Lab/Pit mix and her dad a Cairn and with Beast we’re just not sure, it just has Cairn mix.”

Girl Hit And Killed By Car While Chasing Her Dog Will Be Buried With Her Pup

Jennarae Goodbar, 12, was killed in a tragic accident Saturday afternoon when she chased her dog out onto Route 60 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

She was training her pup, Cash, outside when he took off running onto a busy road. Jennarae immediately ran after him, but just as she got to him, both she and Cash were struck by a car that was unable to stop in time. Both of them were killed on impact.

Jennarae’s mother, Donna Jean, says Cash will be buried alongside her daughter. Cash’s name was fitting because Jennarae had bought him with her own “cash” that she had saved up. Cash meant everything to her, and her mom describes him as “her baby.”

Stop Putting Dogs In Truck Beds, More Than 100,000 Dogs Die Each Year

Pickup trucks are a popular vehicle in the United States. Unfortunately, many models are not equipped with a backseat. Even with four-door models, dogs are often put in the truck bed to protect the vehicle from shedding and dog dirt– and to give Fido some fresh air.

Putting your dog in a truck bed, even for a short ride, is a HORRIBLE idea. In fact, American Humane reports more than 100,000 dogs die each year from truck bed accidents.

Some of the issues are obvious: Dogs are not protected while on a truck bed. They are not secured by a doggy seat belt nor protected from other vehicles, flying debris, or short stops.

Not only are dogs vulnerable to what humans can control, they are also DOGS. Even well-trained dogs are still naturally curious and have been known to jump out of truck beds to investigate whatever has piqued their interest. Also, naturally calm, well-adjusted dogs can still get spooked and jump out causing catastrophic results.

There are reports of dogs being fatally injured from jumping out of truck beds– and humans in other cars trying to avoid them with devastating consequences themselves.

Boy Leaves Puppy In A Box Outside School, With A Heartbreaking Note Explaining Why

Most kids love puppies. So, it takes a lot of maturity and selflessness for a kid to realize when he needs to let a puppy go and find her a safe home. That is what this kid did when he found a puppy but knew he couldn’t take care of her and needed to help find her a home.


So he did the most heartbreaking thing. He left the puppy in a box outside a school’s front door, knocked loudly on the door and ran away before anyone could question him. The janitor who was cleaning inside heard the knock and opened to door. He saw the boy running away, and looked down to discover the pup in the box.

But the pup wasn’t the only thing there. The little boy had left a heartbreaking note with the puppy. When the janitor read the note, he realized how much it must have hurt the boy to have to part with the dog, all for the dog’s own good.


This is what the note said:

“Sorry it didn’t have a home and it was cold so we were going to give it to you. Please do let it go find a nice home.”

Touched by the note, the janitor took the puppy to a dog-loving school teacher and the teacher immediately decided to foster the pup. The pup’s now named Snowflake. The teacher took Snowflake to a local rescue group, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, and had her checked up and vaccinated.


Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue soon helped find Snowflake a new home before Christmas! She now lives with her new family and has a big doggie sister to look up to, all thanks to the little boy who knew he had to do something to help this puppy!

Click the video below to watch Snowflake’s emotional Christmas rescue.