‘Dead’ Dog Lifts His Head Up When The Person He’s Been Waiting For Comes To Take Him Home

Judy Obregon, founder of a dog rescue group called The Abandoned Ones, got a call about a stray Poodle-mix she had been trying to save. But once she saw the photo of the dog lying there, she knew she was too late. He was already gone.

Obregon got a call earlier about local kids tormenting the dog.

“Kids were throwing food out on the street, so the dog would run out onto the street,” Obregon told The Dodo. “Then neighbors saw some children tying a water hose around his neck.”

Obregon diligently went back to the neighborhood three times, attempting to catch the dog but to no avail. Then the woman who contacted her about the dog in the first place sent her that heartbreaking photo, it broke her heart. If only she was able to catch him sooner.

“I started crying because I felt like I didn’t do enough,” Obregon said. “I felt like I wasn’t there on time to get to this dog before he ended up in this situation.”

Still, the dog didn’t deserve to lie there like that so Obregon went immediately to him. When she got there, the most incredible, unexpected thing happened.

“When I came to him, he was still in the same spot, but his head was up,” Obregon said. “I was probably the happiest person in the world.”

Obregon picked the dog up and named him Gully. She was certain if she didn’t get there when she did, he really wouldn’t have made it.

Pastor Stops To Look Inside Mysterious Plastic Bag– His Discovery Will Haunt Him Forever

A retired pastor living in Cape Town, South Africa was driving by the train tracks. He saw a strange plastic bag sitting there and got a sinking feeling. He stopped to investigate.

Pastor Van Wyk had devoted his life to God. The pastor was used to seeing the good in everything– even things that were tainted– but what he discovered that day would haunt him forever. Pastor Van Wyk was driving along the railroad tracks and saw a tied up plastic bag. His gut sank– he knew something wasn’t right about the situation.

He stopped his car anyway and walked over to the bag.  What he found inside broke his heart. There was a severely abused puppy tied up with shoelaces. His four legs were tied together as well as his snout. The dog couldn’t bark. He couldn’t pant. Who would do such a thing?

The pastor was afraid to touch the dog– when he tried, the puppy winced and yelped. The pup needed professionals to handle everything IMMEDIATELY!

He was so badly hurt that nobody could adopt him. When he eats his first warm meal, my heart broke.


Rudy was one of millions of pups that find their way into shelters every year.  But this abused dog had suffered so much inexplicable horror that he couldn’t even be adopted out to the public. Severe beatings, a broken hip, eye and ear infections, mange… Rudy was in a pitiful state, and with no hope in sight, was scheduled to be put down.

Miraculously, the pup was saved from death row with only hours to spare by a local rescue group called Houston Street Dogs. Watching his tail wag when he eats his first decent meal and gets a little love is enough to reduce any dog lover to tears. But Rudy’s long journey back to health and peace wasn’t over. For months, he underwent extensive treatment, injections, and medications to cure him of his various ailments.

IKEA Store Opens Its Doors To Homeless Dogs To Get Them Out Of The Cold


Too often we hear stories about people mistreating animals. Isn’t it lovely when something like this comes along? A story that is all about love and compassion? YES!

The retail giant, IKEA, now has an open door policy in their Catania, Italy store. The staff opens their doors, with the home store’s cozy furnishings, to stray dogs who would otherwise be on the streets freezing in the cold. Dogs otherwise forced to find shelter where they can, often curled up on cold concrete, shivering miserably, can now rest their weary heads on warm shag carpets, away from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Evicted Tenants Leave Dogs Behind With Rest Of Their ‘Trash’

Last Friday morning, Allen Boartfield woke up to a distressing phone call. Two small dogs had been spotted sitting next to a mountain of trash on a street corner in Barstow, California.

“I was contacted about them at 8 a.m.,” Boartfield told The Dodo. “I was given an intersection and told I couldn’t miss them.”

The dog’s owner had been evicted, and in the process of packing up, had put her two dogs in a wire cage and left them amidst the pile of old blankets and unwanted clothes for the morning garbage pickup.

Dogs thrown out along with trash

Boartfield, a volunteer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, drove to the intersection, and thankfully the two pups, now named Treasure and Catch, were still there. But it was clear to Boartfield that the tumultuous morning had taken a toll on the animals.

Police Found 44 Dead Dogs Stuffed In Woman’s Freezer, 130 Others Living In Filth



Authorities found 44 frozen dogs and 130 live dogs at a New Jersey home, which smelled of animal feces and urine.

Donna Roberts, 65, of Shamong Township, has been charged with animal cruelty, after detectives assisted the Burlington County Health Department with an inspection of the house. Upon arrival, they witnessed the “deplorable and inhumane conditions” that these dogs were kept in, inside and outside the home.

The smell inside the home was so strong that officials who entered became dizzy and nauseous. Some of the dogs there were living in conditions as bad as it smelled, if not worse.

17 Of The Cutest Mixed-Breed Pups You’ll Ever See

Below are 17 of the cutest mixed-breed dogs you ever will see. And some of the owners admit they don’t even know exactly the mix of their dogs nor do they care! They love them all the same regardless. 🙂

#1 “German Shepherd with Golden Retriever mix. Cuteness overload”

#2 A Husky/pit mix with some really blue eyes.

#3 …And one with two different-colored eyes! 🙂

#4 “A beautiful speckled Aussie mix”

#5 Corgi mixed with… German Shepherd? Cattle dog? Who knows!

Severely Neglected Puppy Found With Broken Skull And Ribs, Abuser Facing Charges


Police found a (then) four-month-old puppy, later named Halsey, severely beaten at an Indianapolis home this past January.

She suffered from a broken leg, jaw, ribs and multiple skull fractures, and sadly sat like this for days, with no help or pain relief, before she was found and rescued.

She was immediately taken in by Every Dog Counts Rescue (EDCR), where she was treated for her injuries. She remained at the rescue while she recovered and heal from the inside out.

EDCR held a fundraiser where Halsey got to meet not just all of her supporters, but also had a chance to reunite with her rescuers as well. In the video below, you can see the little pup meeting with Animal Care Officer Becky Knowles and IMPD Officer Adam Perkins. She constantly wagged her tail and laid on her back for belly rubs. It’s obvious that she recognized them and is very grateful for their help.

Despite everything she had been through, she still trusted humans and loved all of the attention and affection.



Family Dumps Dog At High-Kill Shelter So They Could Take A New Dog On Vacation


Toots is a Beagle-mix who was adopted in Hawaii about six years ago. Little did she know the fate that awaited her many years later when her family thought she wasn’t important enough for them anymore.

This story is one of the most heartless acts we’ve ever heard about. When her family wanted to take a vacation, they decided they didn’t like Toots anymore and chose to drop her off at an Animal Shelter, a shelter with a high kill rate due to a pet overpopulation crisis. Then, they adopted a new dog to take on their vacation (Please note there has not been any information offered about the new dog – whether the family already owned the puppy or just adopted it).

Puppy Brutally Tortured Breaking Both His Back Legs — Then Abandoned At A Kill Shelter


A sweet puppy endured unbelievable torture before he was dumped at a high-kill shelter. Somehow – he still wags his tail and his happy to see humans.

Buddy, as he was later named, arrived at the shelter with bloodshot eyes and unable to walk. The exact cause of the injuries is unknown. However, the puppy had to have been thrown or beaten for the eyes to be bloodshot and for the injuries he had.

The shelter reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to save Buddy. The staff was heartbroken that such a sweet puppy was treated so cruelly. He deserved a chance at a life full of love not pain. The rescue arrived and brought the adorable puppy to Dallas Specialty Hospital for an examination.

Photo: Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

The surgeon took X-rays to figure out why the puppy could not walk. The results were horrifying. The X-rays showed that both of his back legs had tibia fractures. The bones were broken in two. It was the worst case of broken bones that the orthopedic surgeon had ever seen in a puppy.

Photos: Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

To relieve the pain and hopefully repair some of the damage, Buddy received surgery. The vital surgery took five hours and required pins in the puppy’s leg to help heal. The rescue posted, “Buddy has paid the ultimate price for this evil act , he underwent a 5 hour surgery today to repair his badly broken little body
His left side has external hard ware which will remain attached to his leg for 8 weeks called an external fixator , his right leg had 2 plates and 5 pins surgically implanted.”


Buddy’s pain is not over, since the pins needs to stay in for three months to help the leg heal. On top of that, the young puppy is on restrictive movement and will need physical therapy. Instead of running and playing, this poor puppy is on strong pain meds and confined to a small area.