Heartless Family Says Senior Dog Is Too Old For Them, Dumps Her Off At A Shelter

Some people don’t understand that a pet is for life. In a case of utter heartlessness, a Poodle named Puppy was dropped off at a shelter by her family, who claimed she was too old for them to keep.

Puppy, a 13-year-old white Poodle-Miniature mix, ended up at the Friends of West Valley Animal Shelter in Chatsworth, California. The staff found Puppy to be sweet and adorable, and couldn’t believe how someone could just give up their lifelong pet saying she was too old.

The staff noticed Puppy had not been taken care for a while. She was dirty and itchy. But all it took was a bath to make her feel amazing again!

Her ‘family’ couldn’t do even one simple thing for her – give her a bath. Such inhumane treatment breaks our hearts.

After her bath, Puppy looked fabulous and fluffy again. The shelter put her up for adoption and she was soon adopted into a new, loving home. We’re glad she’s away from her uncaring old family, and now lives with a family who actually loves and cares for her!

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