Dog Was Strapped Down To A Wheeled Contraption Unable To move And Nobody Care

There is only one photograph of Cabezoncito, a Peruvian street dog, before he was rescued. In it, the dog is strapped to a wheeled contraption at a metro station in Lima, Peru. The straps are tight around the dog’s body, and it looks like he wouldn’t be able to move. So he just lies there with his head hanging down.

While little is known about how Cabezoncito ended up at this metro station, Sara Moran, founder of Milagros Perrunos, a small shelter that cares for disabled dogs in Peru, believes that his owner tied up him up and left him there after Cabezoncito injured his back legs.

Dog Left Behind With Owners’ Trash Huddles On Discarded Recliner For Warmth

t’s a heartbreaking story we’ve all heard far too many times. An innocent dog abandoned and forgotten on the cold city streets, waiting faithfully for owners who will never return.

The pup, named Ollie-Loo by his rescuers, was discovered sitting on the curb amid the boxes and discarded furniture his owners left behind. He was curled up tightly on their old recliner, trying to keep warm.

IMAGE CREDIT: DETROIT ANIMAL WELFARE GROUPIt is not clear if Ollie’s former owners were evicted from their Detroit home or if they moved out willingly. A neighbor reported that they returned once after initially abandoning the young Pit Bull mix in order to retrieve a smaller pup. They once again left poor Ollie behind.

Posted by Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Terri Looby, a volunteer with the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) had gotten a tip about yet another dog in need and was spending her lunch break searching the neighborhood when she spotted Ollie. He was huddled against the broken-down recliner seeking out any warmth he could find against the snow and freezing air.

Posted by Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chained Dog Could Only Take Turns Keeping One Paw Off Of The Cold Ground

Animal Advocates found a neglected dog named Diesel in the Yukon where he was chained up year round for four years even when temperatures reached as low as -40 degrees. All he could do was take turns keeping one paw off of the frozen ground.

Being chained up also meant that he couldn’t fight off loose dogs who attacked him, and he had been kicked in the face by a horse which broke some teeth and split his tongue. His owner had grown tired of Diesel and was going to shoot him. But thankfully, Animal Advocates was asked to help.

Rescued Dog Barks Nonstop While Out on Walk; Ends up Saving Baby’s Life


Georgie the daschund had a rough start to life. He was rescued by 63-year-old Charmaine Keevy in South Africa, where he learned what love and friendship were. One of his favourite things to do was go on his daily walks with Charmaine. One day while out walking, Georgie became obsessed with the storm drain; barking and carrying on. Charmaine thought that she heard meowing and when she got down on her knees to inspect, she realized that it was not a kitten meowing… but a baby crying!

The drain was blocked by a concrete slab, so she flagged down the first car that drove by. Inside that car was a man who would turn out to be a hero; Cornie Viljoen. Together, the pair pried out the concrete slab. Despite there being a six-foot drop, Cornie jumped down into the hole without hesitation.

Once he got down the hole, he was immediately bitten by red ants, but that didn’t deter him. He quickly realized that this was a crime scene and snapped a photo for the police. He then reached down and felt around for the baby girl down the storm drain. She had obviously been there for a while, naked and cold, with her umbilical cord still attached.

Two Puppies Found With Elastic Hair Bands Tight Around Their Muzzles lock in an apartment

A maintenance worker was investigating a burst pipe inside a housing complex in Wichita, Kansas, and as soon as he entered he realized something was not right.

When he opened an apartment door, he was hit with a horrible smell, and then he noticed a small plastic dog crate in the corner of the room. Inside were two 7-month-old puppies.

Though it was clear the puppies were in distress, he found it odd that they weren’t making any noise.

Puppies found in apartment complex in Kansas

Man Sentenced 8-10 Years In Prison After Public Outcry For Torturing Dog To Death

A Polish national convicted of abusing a dog so severely that it had to be euthanized was sentenced Tuesday in Massachusetts, nearly five years after the dog known as Puppy Doe was found abandoned.

Radoslaw Czerkawski, 37, was sentenced to eight to 10 years in prison after he was convicted Monday of animal cruelty. He was also sentenced to two years’ probation and prohibited from owning or coming into contact with any animals. Czerkawski is also banned from volunteering at animal shelters.

Immigration officials say they will deport Czerkawski once he completes his sentences, and have lodged a detainer for him upon his release. Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey said the probation would not delay any removal from the US.

Former Army Pvt. Tied Therapy Dog To A Tree, Shot It 5 Times While Boyfriend Recorded Video

The army veteran who killed her therapy dog as her boyfriend filmed the incident and posted it to social media has been found dead, possibly by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Marinna Rollins, 23, was under investigation for animal cruelty charges stemming from the killing of her service dog, Camboui, on April 16. She had Camboui certified as a therapy dog to assist with her post-traumatic stress disorder earlier this year, but in mid-April, she posted a cryptic message to Facebook, indicating the dog was going to be euthanized.

What came next is nothing short of a nightmare.

Rollins and her boyfriend, Jarren Heng, an active-duty service member, can be seen laughing and drinking beer in the videos they made as they shot Camboui in the head repeatedly with a rifle. An anonymous tip led North Carolina animal control and police to Rollins’s address, where they arrested her on April 20. Heng turned himself in four days later.

Camboui was originally named Huey by Rollins's estranged husband, Matt Dyer.

According to CBS News, both Rollins and Heng were facing felony animal cruelty charges with substantially higher bail limits than usual. Rollins’s bail was increased from $10,000 to $25,000, and Heng’s from $5,000 to $25,000, because of “aggravating factors and the cruel nature of the case,” the judge commented.

Man Arrested After Leaving Dog To Die In A Locked, Unventilated Car

With the doors shut, and the air stagnating, temperatures within a hot car can top 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s no environment for a human, let alone a small animal, through countless pets are left to die in these conditions year after year.

In New York, recently, 29-year-old Roger Chilson was arrested after allegedly leaving his dog in a vehicle where the internal temperature rose above 110 degrees. 5-year-old Shadow couldn’t handle the extreme heat, and after about 50 minutes, the Boxer mix passed away.

Source: Wikimedia Commons Temperatures inside a hot car can be much higher than outside.

According to Inside Edition, the vehicle was turned off, and Shadow was left with little ventilation as the sun beat down on the car. He was dead before officials from the Ontario County Humane Society even arrived on the scene.

“The temperature of a car goes up incrementally, very rapidly,” Ontario County Humane Society Chief Bill McGuigan told “A normal dog’s body temperature is around 101, 102 [degrees]. Anything over 103 and a half is life threatening.”

Source: flickr/oledestin A number of animals every year die from being left in hot cars.

Chilson has been charged with felony aggravated cruelty to an animal, and lodged in the Ontario County Jail.

Woman Finds Tiny, Freezing Animal Crying Inside Trash Can

Early Tuesday morning, an employee was starting her day at the Georgia Welcome Center, just across the South Carolina border, when she noticed a garbage baglying next to a trash can.

In an effort to tidy up, she bent down to put the bag back into the bin, but stopped in her tracks when she heard a pained cry.

There, inside the trash can, shiny marble eyes belonging to a tan Chihuahua weighing no more than 6 pounds stared back at her.

The trash can where Carolina the Chihuahua was found

The staffer immediately lifted the scared animal out of the bin and brought her inside. Not sure what to do with the abandoned dog, and fearful that her supervisor would arrive any minute, the woman called a coworker who had previously volunteered with Hart County Animal Rescue for advice.

Chihuahua pulled from trash in Georgia Welcome Center

Overjoyed Pit Bull Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling As She Leaves Shelter To Go Home

Did you ever get so excited that you just can’t hide it? Despite her rough start in life and landing in an animal shelter, Matilda the Pit Bull puppy constantly smiled. At the Douglas County Animal Shelter, they discovered she had stomach worms, irritated skin, and wasn’t feeling too good. The whole time, she wagged her tail anyway– and always looked so happy.

Pibbles & More Animal Rescue’s coordinator, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, took notice of the happy pup and decided to get her a foster home. When the woman went to get the puppy, this is the face she made during the car ride. The rescue group posted the photo to their Facebook page and said, “She is pure, pure joy.”

It didn’t take long for Matilda’s foster parent, Kerrie Rich, to fall head over heels in love with her. Rich reports that Matilda fits in with her other foster dogs, plays with toys, and hangs out with the neighbors, too! We are so happy she found someone to take care of her!