Veteran Dying From Cancer Makes A Public Plea To Help Find His Missing Service Dog

It has been a very hard couple of weeks for Morris Collins, a 72-year-old veteran suffering from esophageal cancer. He has been fighting for his life over the past two weeks and was kept on life support for five days. To add to this misery, Murphy, his loyal service dog, has gone missing.

Dog Was Tortured & Muzzle Taped In 2015, Now Becomes Mascot For Animal Cruelty

In 2015, Caitlyn, a chocolate-brown Bull Terrier mix, was found enduring the most sickening abuse. For about 48 hours, her owner had tightly taped her muzzle to stop her from barking, and this caused irreparable damage to Caitlyn.

Source: Charleston Animal Society/Facebook

Family Brutally Abandons Dog – The Heartbreaking Moment Unfolds On Video

A dog is man’s best friend…but that makes it our responsibility to be their best friend in return. Adopting a pet should be a respected, lifelong decision.

It’s truly heartbreaking to see people destroy that bond, so what these people did to a dog that just wanted to love them is despicable.

Source: News Flare / YouTube

Scared Dog Cries As Family Drags Her By A Rope, Dumps Her At A High-Kill Shelter

Every day, we hear new incidents of people dumping their unwanted dogs in the most brutal manner. 2-year old Labrador mix, Maya, was crushed with betrayal when her family mercilessly dragged her by a rope and dumped her.

Facebook/Leslie Hennings

Owner Beats & Tapes Dog’s Muzzle, Neighbors Break Into Yard To Rescue The Dog

For years, a Golden Retriever endured the hellish clutches of abuse from his owners. He was often beaten up, chained without food, and his muzzle taped shut. The neighbors’ patience wore thin as they witnessed the dog slowly slip away into depression.

Paralyzed Dog Was Dumped On Street With Dilapidated Wheelchair And Bag Of Diapers

Lunita was found dumped on the streets of Salta, Argentina, with nothing but a dilapidated wheelchair and a bag of diapers. She was paralyzed, so she was unable to move on her own and was forced to lay there until someone would save her.

Whoever left her there, tied her to a rail near a dog grooming shop. But thankfully she wasn’t there long. A Good Samaritan saw her and called LUBA Salta, a rescue organization.

Court Forces Family To Have Their Dogs Surgically ‘De-Barked’

Noisy neighbors can be a headache. Nuisance suits are filed constantly but they normally involve humans. Humans can control how loudly they play music or rev an engine but what about a crying baby? Or better yet, a barking dog?

In many instances, a barking dog can be silenced by letting her in the house. Dogs bark to communicate and often times they are saying “let me in.” But this story isn’t about the typical crew of barking dogs, it’s about a family who owns working dogs to protect their flock of sheep from prey.

Owners Chained Dog In The Mud For A Decade, Then Got Offered $50 To Put Her Down

There is simply no excuse for any kind of animal cruelty. Abusing a pet is an act of evil; these gentle creatures simply love us and want to be near us. So, to break their trust, their minds, and their bodies is a truly despicable act. A dog in British Columbia had to endure one of the worst cases of abuse you’ll ever see, but her story didn’t end there.

Her upsetting conditions were brought to light when concerned neighbors contacted The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They informed the organization about a dog that was being abused in plain sight but had no one to help her.

Police K-9 Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer, Honored With Final Ride Through Town

The Saugus Police Department announced on Facebook last Wednesday that one of their own had sadly been diagnosed with untreatable cancer.

K-9 Bruin, an active member of their department for the past eight years, was honored by his brothers in blue with one final ride through the streets that he loved to patrol and selflessly protect.

Tiny Pup Beaten & Thrown Down Trash Chute, Spends 4 Days Without Food Or Water

Rocky, a 4-month-old Chihuahua mix, was found buried in a heap of garbage beside an apartment complex in San Francisco. The poor pup had been surviving on filthy food from the garbage and was in very bad shape.